The Apple Doesn’t fall

Forced by the impending sale of her childhood home, Marza Stevenson, takes her family for a vacation to pack up and say good-bye. As Marza sifts through her families treasures she waits for the arrival of her two sisters who promised they'd come. Her daughters, husband, and boyfriend to her oldest daughter, grow increasingly restless as catastrophic events lock them in this remote house and Marza discovers that the apple never falls far from the tree.

Contemporary comedy/drama
Run time 84 minutes
3 Women
2 Men


MARZA- A beautiful mother, she makes others feel comfortable just to be around her, her family hates to be around her.

THEODORE- A thin athletic man in his early forties.

NATALIE- Seventeen, pretty, and entitled, she is embarrassed by her intelligence so she hides it.

KARENA- Thirteen, intelligent and still interested in life.

ALEX- Eighteen athletic build, handsome.