The Edge of the Canyon

The Edge of the Canyon

In a lonely single-wide trailer on the edge of Canyon County, Idaho, an ex-con faces a past that is very quickly catching up to him. Brian, is trying as hard as he can to do right, whatever that may mean; including the mentoring of a young woman, Kim, who's determined to be as hard as she can. But, when a local gang leader decides to come to collect, they both have to decide if they'll run or stay and fight for their family.

Character List

Dark dramatic comedy
Women 2
Men 3

Kim: A nervous 19 year old. She is the daughter of a second generation Mexican immigrant father and a white mother. All of Kim's clothes are the hottest thing in hip-hop culture five years ago. A short fuse. Mountainous aspirations. No hope.

Brian: 35 year old white man, worn down, he looks older than he is. His skin is weather beaten and the color of tanned leather. Dirty clothes that are old or found. Coke-bottle glasses. Trying as best he can to do the right thing. Whatever that means.

Russ: Maybe over-weight, maybe not, language will work either way. Possesses a big presence in this setting. Knows he will die tonight. Confident that they will all die tonight.

Chris: 17 year old woman. Brian's estranged daughter. Feels like she is from totally different world.

Hanible: Nothing, just nothing.

Excerpt from The Edge of the Canyon