Deviant Art

In the throes of mid-life, Colin, a tow-the-line accountant, decides to quit his job and try his hand as an artist. Meeting resistance at every turn, Colin’s discovery that he has innate preternatural artistic talent ends up showing not only the creative power of art, but also the immense destructive force as well.

Contemporary comedy/drama
Run time: 110 minutes
6 Men
3 Women


COLIN - A man in his forties

WENDY - Colin's wife, also in her forties.

ARIE - Colin's son, eighteen.

TIG/BARISTA - A barista and later a figure model, twenty

BERT - Colin's close friend, married to Kathryn

KATHRYN - Wendy's close friend, married to Bert

DEAN - Colin's ex boss

MARCUS - An artist in his twenties

PETER - An extremely wealthy wunderkind