An Elaborate System of Ropes and Pulleys

An Elaborate System of Ropes and Pulleys

Jaded and emotionally aloof string theory physicist, Tess, finds herself mysteriously shifting through time and space as she grapples with the loss of a loved one. Faced with the dark embodiment of her fear, Tess discovers that her scientific world is not orderly, but is in fact controlled by a vague and elaborate system of ropes and pulleys, with which she must reconcile her beliefs and understanding of self.

Science focused drama with comedic Elements
Women 2 +
Men 1 +

TESS- A woman, somewhere in her early thirties. She protects herself with an absolute belief in empirical reasoning.

BREK- A man, somewhere in his early thirties. He is the type that takes great joy in living, no matter what life might throw his way.

WOMAN- Reason and logic. God.

BEAST- Immense black shadowy. Chaos. God. At must feel imposing and dangerous, (the character of the Beast can be realized with one actor or possibly many).